Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ant Vibe - '50' [Official Video]

Ant Vibe releases his latest single from his hit album RSVP. Check out the video to the single '50' now playing on YouTube. Ant Vibe is an upcoming hip hop artist from New Jersey.

Mohammed Khider – So Many Divisions

Unity is an album conceptualized, written and sung by Mohammed Khider. Development of the Album began in early 2016. The Album's main focus is to enlighten humanity and specifically the Muslim nation towards unification. Today the Muslim nation is deeply affected and saddened due to its lack of unity and infiltration of intolerance and extremism.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Maxwell Powers new single "Money" is a track that deals with an all-consuming obsession of becoming rich and famous...or not.

Maxwell Powers' career all started on night back in 2011, when he emerged from the ether with his keytar, determined to make something of himself. He proceeded to put out a series of YouTube videos combining synth-driven indie pop and no-budget filming to tell stories of life, love and the occasional existential crisis. The releases quickly garnered a cult-like following and have now been streamed over a million times.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Boring I Love You | Meattle & Malik

Official music video for Boring I Love You by Meattle & Malik. Meattle & Malik is an electrocoustic project comprising vocalist Raghav Meattle and producer/guitarist Nikhil Malik.

Film by Nikhil Malik.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scottie Jax Presents 'The Cop and The Con Man' (Full Movie 2017)

Independent hiphop artists and aspiring film maker Scottie Jax has just released the first of hopefully many short running films. The independent artist flexes his creativity in the 30 min short action film 'The Cop and The Con Man'. Check it out on Youtube.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Niker Groze - Shake that Booty (feat. Roe Nelle)

Niker Groze is a promising new age hip hop/pop artist, releasing a variety of remixes and originals, his latest being the fun & positive video for “Shake That Booty”.

"I was born in India, grew up in Sri Lanka, and have lived in North America for over 12 years. My favourite hiphop artists include Eminem, Drake, Kanye, but who really got me into the lyricism of hiphop is Lil Wayne (No Ceilings & The Carter 3)

Monday, May 15, 2017

David Vaters - 8 Ways From Sunday

David Vaters sings straight from the heart on the bluesy “8 Ways From Sunday”. With a timeless classic rock sound, the way the song unfolds is masterful. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance striking just the right balance between ballad and bombast. By far the heart of the song comes from the clever lyricism, which reveals an uncanny knack for storytelling. Over the course of the piece David Vaters sings of a life lived most fully, where even the smallest gestures and habits are greatly noticed. Giving this lyricism additional weight is the tender tones that make up the memorable melody, which builds up quite elegantly over the duration of the track.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Edgler Vess "Stairs"

Edgler Vess releases the official music video for his second single, "Stairs" from his latest album, The Hands Resist- Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Emusic, 7digital, SoundCloud, and more...

Edgler vess' new song goes deep into the sensitive subject of domestic violence

Monday, May 8, 2017

Music by Eric Gibson. Free Downlaods

Eric Gibson is a Baltimore, MD recording artist who writes, performs and produces his own unique brand of Alternative music. Download 5 albums free at

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Field of Giants - In Arcadia Teaser

Can masked hard rockers, Field of Giants overcome ‘Sophomore Slump’ with second album, In Arcadia?
Oxford-based, masked hard rockers, Field of Giants prepare for the release of their second independent album, In Arcadia, set for release in June 2017.

After a string of local shows to test their new material, the band, described as the love child of Tool and Incubus, have put the finishing touches to their new 9 track (56-minute) album. The follow-up from their independently released debut album ‘We Are’, In Arcadia promises to build upon Field of Giants’ distinctive sound of “Dense atmospheric, hard hitting rock!”.
The impressive 56-minute runtime is a testament to the band’s continued exploration into their, now characteristic, cinematic sound; layering heavy guitars, impactful drums, and soaring vocals to create an expansive sonic experience. “But don’t take our word for it” says the band, encouraging listeners to redefine what they expect from a modern hard rock album.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

IgnoVa – Right Now

With a tight flow is IgnoVa’s party style of “Right Now”. Featuring a nostalgia-tinged sample the song has distinct 90s vibes. By choosing such a unique balance the piece ties together a wide variety of genre: from the gloriousness of its pop affections to the infectious groove that anchors the piece. References weave their way into the narrative that begins to form over the song. The lyrics focus on the joy of living in the moment, of how a life requires one to “seize the moment” and the joy it brings. Best of all is how all of this comes together in such an immersive way.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jody Lo - Substance [Album]

Finally, lyrics matter
It seems like the new hip hop wave has become unbalanced by an over cast of mumble rappers and autotuners considered to be "generic brand rappers" or copycats who just mimic the same techniques. We all thought hip hop would be making a transformation into something else in years to come due to this. I'm not saying all new rappers take this route but I'm sure we can agree 80% of new hip hop artists sound the same. Without further delay, Presenting: The rebirth of lyrical hip hop, Stream "Substance" free. Jody Lo drops a substantial 6 track EP but I won't tell you its the best EP of 2017 so far I'll tell you to listen for yourself

Polaris (Shelter) - TwoDaystoAlaska ft. Thomas Prime [Official Music Video]

TwoDaystoAlaska is a project to explore the meaning of life and philosophy through music. The producer is based in London, and used vocal samples together with recorded instruments. This particular song Polaris (Shelter) looks at issues of poverty, and what poverty means to the individual. The camera follows different people during the first half of the video. Who are they? What do they do? During the second half, we start to see the living spaces of homeless people, the cardboard boxes lining the underground walkway. What are their stories?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sismo - We Crash And Burn

Led by french songwriter and guitarist Xavier Cevrin, Sismo is a collaboration between international talents. Their first single "We crash and burn", was released on February 6, 2017 by Gun Records, a Belgian based label known for its work with Syndicate of law, and aims to deliver an overall good vibe with a high energy vocal performance. The track was produced with the help of Kilah, a dynamic duo featuring Lorena Cabral and Roger Flores both very active on the music scene. It is now time for french label Future Play to take the promotion to another level.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mohammed Khider - Zawjati (My Wife) [Video]


Concept behind UNITY

Unity is an album conceptualized, written and sung by Mohammed Khider. Development of the Album began in early 2016. The Album's main focus is to enlighten humanity and specifically the Muslim nation towards unification. Today the Muslim nation is deeply affected and saddened due to its lack of unity and infiltration of intolerance and extremism.

Monday, January 30, 2017

WAWA – Deaf: So What?!

WAWA delivers inspirational positive vibes with the defiant sound of “Deaf: So What?!”. Downright perfect, WAWA’s flow is impeccable with every song focusing on rising above finding true purpose. Rhythms are infectious to their core, nicely merging together elements of dance, hip-hop, and pop into a lovely whole. By far the highlight of the sound are the highly articulate, thoughtful lyrics that focus on community, togetherness, and perseverance over all obstacles. Nicely joined with light and airy arrangements the songs linger in the mind long after they are over. Throughout the album the songs build off each other, revealing an intricate narrative that ties everything together.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Felinez here making great trance music that will definitely take you on a trip worth traveling.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sirweah's Making of "Everyone Knows" [Single]

The newest star in the making from Oso Major Entertainment, Sirweah brings his hit single, “Everyone Knows”.  The creativity from this multi talented artist is shared with a behind the scenes look at the creation of his single.
For those that do not know this major artist, Sirweah is a Singer/Songwriter and record producer from New Jersey. 

His music is a result of experimenting, primarily, with Pop and Hip Hop music, which he often tags as "Hip Pop". Although he dabbles in such genres, the Liberian native, considers himself to be less of the ordinary rapper or singer that's confined to one style, but rather an artist that uses inspiration from all avenues to paint a bigger picture that is his music.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Revolution by Rerun Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe

Available @
Google Play
Official Website
Produced and Directed by Longacre Square Music 2016
Director of Photography Serge Smolovich
Editing and Post-Production Ramin Fathie