Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interview with Caellus & Camulus

The record label, World of Caellus, was borne from a passion for pursuing the dark, fantasy elements to science fiction that coincide with the world as we know it. The story chapter that will simultaneously be released alongside the album is a monthly e-magazine with monthly-published chapters.

Recently releasing "Genesis", a Trance music album containing 15 instrumental songs, one of them being a Downtempo track, and another being a Big Room / Progressive House track. The majority of the journey, however, takes place in a smooth, spine-chilling progression of Trance tracks from start to finish.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Preme Writez - Hello Hello (Music Video) [R&B]

June 21, 2016, Los Angeles, CA -Sensational R&B/Hip-Hop songwriter, Preme Writez, announces the release of first new single, Hello Hello. The new single from the Flyboy Rockstar Music Group Inc. is produced by multiple award winning music producer, Nate Rhoads. (@naterhoads |Instagram) The single is from the forthcoming album "The Wood" releasing July 4, 2016 (pre-order June 27, 2016). The Wood chronicles the journey of a struggling college student trying to escape the realities of Inglewood tempted by the fallacies of Hollywood.

Mountain of Youth – Thinkin’ Bout Love Ft. The Night VI & Jay Z

Mountain Of Youth is the vision of EDM veteran, Liam Shy (San Francisco). Liam started DJ’ing on Vinyl back in 2000 and was lucky enough to connect early on in his career with DJ Lorin, who would later become the legendary Bassnectar. After working with Lorin from 2001-2003 Liam spent the next few years traveling the world as a Psychedelic Trance DJ and Producer. This led to touring with Shpongle, Infected Mushroom and forming his own live Dubstep / Psytrance band called Dissølv. As Liam started to get into deeper sounds and expand his yoga practice a new calling emerged to create soulful dance music. Thus, Mountain Of Youth was born. Initially launched in 2014 as a side project, Mountain Of Youth quickly garnered both attention and acclaim from Blogs and Festival promoters alike. Now in 2016 Mountain Of Youth is working with some of the biggest names in the game: Coachella, Insomniac, Ultra Music and The Do Lab. Mountain Of Youth is putting his years of experience to work into crafting unique and inspiring dance floor experiences that stimulate mind, body and soul.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dukehov Is Chasing Out with His Latest Single

Corey Miles Brown, AKA Duke is an independent artist from Washington DC. His latest single, "Cash", is making its way around social media networks and indie blogs.

"I am an independent artist from Washington DC, Artist Name Duke, I producer music over social media, I have earn feature for a post on the web site that show artist work of their music. I have One Thousand plus features & radio play’s also blog’s for promotions, feature on different mix tapes whit other artist whit all type of music genres of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B & instrumentals “Social media web site”.

"I also use the different “Social media web site” to promote my music EAE Radio Campaign, Up And Coming Campaign, The Taylor X Experience,          The Jopaul Experience, The "GRIND 365" Showcase, Spin Reports Registration. It made me a to be a tip-top producer I have to make all my promotions excellent."

Listen to Cash and support Duke

Social Media:
Sound cloud:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

N/A Hip Hop (DNAtheG) - Marco Polo (prod. Theold)

check out the Smash hit Youtube video here!
This is the first single off of N/A Hip Hop's RNAtheMESSENGER's upcoming album "Here Cometh The Dreamer"

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spirit Feat. Jenny Mayhem - You & I (Higher Grounds EP)

The delay is huge but I hope it's worth it. Having Jenny Mayhem to work with is just amazing since she's a really talented singer.
If you want to see more about her: @jennymayhem