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If you are not 100% satisfied with the services received then you may qualify for a full or partial refund. You must cancel any open subscriptions and notify us of your refund request via phone or email no later than Fourteen (14) days after your current subscription has ended.  Only2CI Entertainment's managers have the authority to issue refunds. Full refunds are typically issued when it is apparent that no services have been received and no proof of work can be provided at the end of the subscription to show that work has been rendered; OR if all or part of the services received were not the services agreed to; OR if the service received did not match the service description.

Partial refunds are typically issued before the completion of the subscription; or if a subscription is cut short by the buyer with out reason; or in the event where third party services, - such as paid focus groups, advertising, streaming radios, etc,- have already been received and costs for said services have already been paid out. 2CI Entertainment has full discretion to decided whether a full or partial refund will be issued. We will review all cases and issue you a refund within Thirty (30) days if we cannot fix the problem. For more details contact us directly.

Since our work relies heavily on networking, activity, and the users of various platforms, we cannot make any promises that people will actually engage with you, your music, or your pages. Many factors such as personal taste and the quality of your music will determine whether or not an individual will engage with you. We make no claim that you will receive any specific number of engagements such as plays, likes, followers, subscribers, album sales, fans, website hits, etc. We do not make any promises as to the duration it will take to create a buzz or until you get noticed. At best we can only make estimations based on our experience and past results. Everyone is different and results may vary.