Monday, November 28, 2016

Noemi Smorra - This Song - Official Video

The beautiful and talented Noemi Smorra has recently released a video for her song titled "This Song". Yes, the song is called "This Song" and it is nothing short of a masterpiece from start to finish. "This Song" is part of the EP "Trasparente" available here:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. Smith - Warning Label (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Nowhere on this planet will you find another artist quite like MR. SMITH!

For lovers of music, the ongoing question continues to be “will real music ever return?” Real music with real lyrics from real vocalists that easily counter the advent of today’s microwaved industry talent. Insert: Mr. Smith; The independent antidote to the manufactured pop star, with a story you won’t want to miss.
No stranger to the scene, Mr. Smith has secretly written for years alongside some of the industry’s most noted creatives. From Toni to Tamar [Braxton] to Kandi [Burruss] & TLC’s T-Boz! Mr. Smith’s road to solo artistry has been paved with years of admirably boastful work as a songwriter, background vocalist (India Arie) and vocal producer. While a student at Morehouse College, Mr. Smith began his career in Atlanta with initial guidance from Dallas Austin and eventually signed his first publishing deal with Hiram Hicks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Album Review: Brian Edblad – Flypaper for Freaks

brian2Brian Edblad’s “Flypaper for Freaks” is a stylistic tour de force. Effortlessly tying together elements of funk, jazz, and synth pop, the colorful arrangements work wonders. The flourishes of sound include inspired saxophone solos, organ vamps, elastic synthesizer grooves, and even a little bit of acoustic guitar. Akin to a vast kaleidoscope of sound the album constantly shifts to explore fascinating takes of experimentation with long-established genres. Unable to be properly pigeonholed the songs come together to form a curious kind of narrative. Easily the heart and soul of the album stems from Brian Edblad’s strong and steady vocals. His lyrics have a playful, poetic quality to them.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Amery Rey Tuesta Upcoming Album Release "LatinoAmeryca"

Luis Antonio Amery Rey Tuesta (January 10, 1980) the son of Dora Celedonia Tuesta Da Cruz and Melchor Herbert Dolmos Castro. His parents are both from Peru. Luis's father is a professor in the national university of Ucayali, and his mother is a Housewife.

Luis A. Amery Rey Tuesta Is a Peruvian soloist classical guitar, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and sound engineer. His music integrates a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, metal, punk, blues, rap, Latin, soul, psychedelic, and pop.
Luis Antonio is most known by the name of "Amery" and only his family called him Luis or Lucho. He is born in Pucallpa and developed an interest in music as a young child. At the age of 17 he started to compose solo guitar pieces like: Demequi, The Memories Of Radharani and more compositions for solo guitar. At the same age he started a band with some friends playing the bas songs cover from Nirvana. Concerts experiences as a soloist classical guitar, electric guitarist and bassist began when he was 18 years old.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Surauchie Brandi Fernandes (Born April 20th, 1996; age 19) is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter/ Musician, who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Fernandes started singing in church at age 5 and started writing songs at 8 years old. She took it upon herself to expand her vocabulary by studying the dictionary at age 10 so she could be a better lyricist. As a child she looked up to artists like Beyonce and Ashanti as ro-models and aspired to be as successful as them one day in her career as an artist. Surauchie attended High school at Jean Vanier CSS in Toronto, where she participated in several talent shows and joined the choir where she continued to expand her vocal potential.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Astronauts of Antiquity - Future Back [Official Video]

Rising indie group, Astronauts of Antiquity released their stirring music video to their latest single, “Future Back” on the band’s Youtube and Facebook accounts on October 18, 2016. The music video had an exclusive world premiere on The Music News Site October 14-17.

“Future Back” is the second single off of AOA’s upcoming Beyond the Maze EP. In their second release, Astronauts of Antiquity reassures the audience that their stimulating electro-pop tracks are not only intended to make you move but shake you up and make you think. Sonic wizard, Ivica sends listeners on a galactic journey through his glitchy fizzes and electronic sequences that seamlessly blend with B.Rhyan’s funky guitar grooves and India’s powerhouse vocals.