Sunday, November 6, 2016

Astronauts of Antiquity - Future Back [Official Video]

Rising indie group, Astronauts of Antiquity released their stirring music video to their latest single, “Future Back” on the band’s Youtube and Facebook accounts on October 18, 2016. The music video had an exclusive world premiere on The Music News Site October 14-17.

“Future Back” is the second single off of AOA’s upcoming Beyond the Maze EP. In their second release, Astronauts of Antiquity reassures the audience that their stimulating electro-pop tracks are not only intended to make you move but shake you up and make you think. Sonic wizard, Ivica sends listeners on a galactic journey through his glitchy fizzes and electronic sequences that seamlessly blend with B.Rhyan’s funky guitar grooves and India’s powerhouse vocals.

India continues to entice AOA’s audience with her compelling verses that achingly long for a future of harmony - a future that terminates the harmful foundations of corrupt leaders who are destroying our planet and collective well-being.

Astronauts of Antiquity team up with Tailor Made Media to create the band’s latest music video. The film perfectly portrays their motives behind “Future Back”, utilizing a charming sentient robot paradigm. The story begins with a news clip informing citizens that the President’s faceless forces of evil have eradicated the rebel and robot population rendering an unforeseeably bleak future. Directed by Chris Cotter and Josh Coyne, the video was filmed in an abandoned industrial park in PA which sets the grim post-nuclear scenario.

We come across two pre-apocalyptic robots, Frank and Rosie who are deeply in love. As will be revealed in time, they are assistants of the Astronauts, lost in an uncertain future. The film shifts between the present (post-apocalyptic) and flashbacks of more tender times. Rosie, the surviving robot, is on a mission to build a time machine that will take her into the past to prevent President Kook’s disruption, and bring her Frankie and Future Back. While Rosie discovers the components needed for the time machine (left by Frank), the steel faceless leader Kook sends one of his men to command her under his ruthless control. Rosie must complete her quest utilizing the compassion component and enlightened consciousness module to complete the time machine. The endearing and artfully filmed video rewinds to Frank and Rosie holding hands in a beautiful park, insinuating that the robot couple successfully completed their mission and averted nuclear devastation.

Overall, the band intends for listeners and viewers to cherish nature, connect with the ones you love and aspire for a saner world. Despite corrupt leaders who are not genuinely interested in the common welfare of mankind, we must believe that good conquers evil. AOA’s mission is to see the true essence and equality of all life – Unity In Diversity. Astronauts of Antiquity continue to move listeners on an emotional level with inspiring songs and stimulating music videos.

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