Friday, November 11, 2016


Surauchie Brandi Fernandes (Born April 20th, 1996; age 19) is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter/ Musician, who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Fernandes started singing in church at age 5 and started writing songs at 8 years old. She took it upon herself to expand her vocabulary by studying the dictionary at age 10 so she could be a better lyricist. As a child she looked up to artists like Beyonce and Ashanti as ro-models and aspired to be as successful as them one day in her career as an artist. Surauchie attended High school at Jean Vanier CSS in Toronto, where she participated in several talent shows and joined the choir where she continued to expand her vocal potential.

She considers English as her favorite subject because it helped her become a stronger writer. At age 17, she started recording music at her producer’s home studio in his basement and by 18 she had over 250 songs written and ready to record. In 2014, she posted her first remix (Drunk Texting by Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown) on SoundCloud and continued with her career ever since. Presently, Surauchie has two singles out on SoundCloud labelled, Come Over & With It; however, she is working on an ALBUM to finally move on with her career. Surauchie is currently trying to build her movement called "#FORWXRDMOVEMENT" which is essentially all about moving forward, aspiring young artist to never give up on their aspirations. Her main target is to become the next success female R&B artist coming out of Toronto, Canada.

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