Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mohammed Khider - Ya Ummati (O My Nation) [Official Video]

The hard facts are very clear – the vast majority of the world's Muslims are completely opposed to groups like ISIS and other radicals. To help raise awareness of this fact, One Essence Productions recently announced the release of their artist Mohammed Khider's new album “Unity”, a project completely devoted to opposing radicalism, ISIS and fellow travelers, through the strength and beauty of the true spirit of the Quran and Islam. Khider's work as a reciter of the Quran and Islamic Nasheeds has been very widely praised, along with the inspirational quality of both his character and his work. Khider has stated his profits from “Unity” will be donated to charity and relief groups across the United States.

Check out the official video for his hit single 'Ya Ummati'. The video has already received over 200k views

Buy Physical Album at
Download Ya Ummati from:
Proceeds from this album with go towards charitable causes and relief efforts.


  1. I think its essetial for every single human to raise voice some ignorant people take terms like Islam and Muslims interchangeable with ISIS! Islam and Muslims are the greatest victims of ISIS and nothing else

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