Sunday, March 19, 2017

IgnoVa – Right Now

With a tight flow is IgnoVa’s party style of “Right Now”. Featuring a nostalgia-tinged sample the song has distinct 90s vibes. By choosing such a unique balance the piece ties together a wide variety of genre: from the gloriousness of its pop affections to the infectious groove that anchors the piece. References weave their way into the narrative that begins to form over the song. The lyrics focus on the joy of living in the moment, of how a life requires one to “seize the moment” and the joy it brings. Best of all is how all of this comes together in such an immersive way.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jody Lo - Substance [Album]

Finally, lyrics matter
It seems like the new hip hop wave has become unbalanced by an over cast of mumble rappers and autotuners considered to be "generic brand rappers" or copycats who just mimic the same techniques. We all thought hip hop would be making a transformation into something else in years to come due to this. I'm not saying all new rappers take this route but I'm sure we can agree 80% of new hip hop artists sound the same. Without further delay, Presenting: The rebirth of lyrical hip hop, Stream "Substance" free. Jody Lo drops a substantial 6 track EP but I won't tell you its the best EP of 2017 so far I'll tell you to listen for yourself

Polaris (Shelter) - TwoDaystoAlaska ft. Thomas Prime [Official Music Video]

TwoDaystoAlaska is a project to explore the meaning of life and philosophy through music. The producer is based in London, and used vocal samples together with recorded instruments. This particular song Polaris (Shelter) looks at issues of poverty, and what poverty means to the individual. The camera follows different people during the first half of the video. Who are they? What do they do? During the second half, we start to see the living spaces of homeless people, the cardboard boxes lining the underground walkway. What are their stories?