Monday, May 15, 2017

David Vaters - 8 Ways From Sunday

David Vaters sings straight from the heart on the bluesy “8 Ways From Sunday”. With a timeless classic rock sound, the way the song unfolds is masterful. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance striking just the right balance between ballad and bombast. By far the heart of the song comes from the clever lyricism, which reveals an uncanny knack for storytelling. Over the course of the piece David Vaters sings of a life lived most fully, where even the smallest gestures and habits are greatly noticed. Giving this lyricism additional weight is the tender tones that make up the memorable melody, which builds up quite elegantly over the duration of the track.

Wasting no time, David Vaters begins the song with the right amount of energy. Nicely stripping the sound down to the essentials when necessary, the song’s ebb and flow is full of life. Layer upon layer of sound intermingles in a most thoughtful manner, one which grows ever bigger and most elaborate. A loose, jazz-like rhythm comes into play while the piece swirls around with careful keyboards gracing the track. Vocals possess true tender love whose sound comes on full and complete. Devotional to its very core, the message of togetherness, of building a relationship together, rings proud and true. Towards the final stretch of the song everything comes together in a glorious rush of drums, organ, and guitar before it all fades away leaving David Vaters’ strong confident voice.

On “8 Ways From Sunday” David Vaters sculpts a clever intricate piece, one whose haunting beauty lingers.

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