Radio Play

Get 1 Year of Worldwide Airplay Now !


- We will submit your music to 20,000 Radio stations in 52 countries for 1 full year !


- Monthly updates to your email with Tracking of your music! Know exactly where you music was played and even get feedback from stations


- All Music Genres Accepted!

For best results, your music should be mixed and mastered (to some degree) and have a nice overall sound. Also do not submit until you have the following:
1. You will need to submit a bio of at least 300 words in .doc format
2. You will need two High Quality band/artist pictures + Album cover in .jpg format
3.  You will need an ISRC code(s) and UPC/EAN13 code in .DOC format for tracking
4. Meta data of your music project (Release name, Artist, Composer, Author, Label, release date, musical genre and bpm) in .DOC format

1 Single Track Publication for 1 Year + Monthly Updates: $400

Make sure your contact info at check out is up to date, so we can contact you to gather all the info we need.

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