Thursday, August 18, 2016

camThemaker Ellie Goulding- Tessellate Cover (camthemaker Remix)

Ellie Goulding- Tessellate Cover (camthemaker Remix)

MajorMinorKeys Release New Album on Soundcloud. And Its Free!

Intricate arrangements, impeccable flow, and cinematic flair define the incredible “GibbousThisDay” showing Major Minor Keyz to be a deft producer. Stylistically varied Major Minor Keyz successfully merges elements of hip-hop, classical, jazz, lounge, and electronica. By far the heart of the entire sound is the expressive nimble piano from which the rest of the sound comes into full bloom. Full of a great deal of color Major Minor Keyz lets his songs expand, resulting in luxurious seas of sound. Nicely tying everything together is a late-night atmospheric vibe that dominates over the course of the entire collection. Thematically consistent Major Minor Keyz lets the songs bounce off of each other, creating a great variety of twists and turns.