Thursday, August 18, 2016

MajorMinorKeys Release New Album on Soundcloud. And Its Free!

Intricate arrangements, impeccable flow, and cinematic flair define the incredible “GibbousThisDay” showing Major Minor Keyz to be a deft producer. Stylistically varied Major Minor Keyz successfully merges elements of hip-hop, classical, jazz, lounge, and electronica. By far the heart of the entire sound is the expressive nimble piano from which the rest of the sound comes into full bloom. Full of a great deal of color Major Minor Keyz lets his songs expand, resulting in luxurious seas of sound. Nicely tying everything together is a late-night atmospheric vibe that dominates over the course of the entire collection. Thematically consistent Major Minor Keyz lets the songs bounce off of each other, creating a great variety of twists and turns.

Opening the collection on a strong note is the playful, brash, and bold work of “Drake Walk”. Full of confidence the flow is impressive as is the tension brought on by Major Minor Keyz tactile piano playing. Imbued with a sense of the dramatic is the expressive “now you sweatin”. Effortlessly mixing electro with classical is the neon-hued “She In Love With My Weed Man”. Stripping things down to the essentials is the sparse jazz-like approach of “Fwm Full”. Wordless vocals emerge from the commanding “Reign Supreme”.

By far the highlight of the collection is the glitch-laden work of “Unfinished Business” whose sound constantly shifts ever so slightly in and out of focus. Offering a softer touch is the light bass rumble and languid rhythm of “Betta Believe” with the light percussion and far-off synthesizer adding to the overall scope of the sound. Lush to its very core is the cinematic “the flow” whose dexterous piano playing adds to the overall mood. Closing the collection on a soothing note is the sensual “Butterflies”.

Flawless executed, Major Minor Keyz create an all-engrossing narrative with “GibbousThisDay”.

-Written by BeachSloth

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