Sunday, March 19, 2017

IgnoVa – Right Now

With a tight flow is IgnoVa’s party style of “Right Now”. Featuring a nostalgia-tinged sample the song has distinct 90s vibes. By choosing such a unique balance the piece ties together a wide variety of genre: from the gloriousness of its pop affections to the infectious groove that anchors the piece. References weave their way into the narrative that begins to form over the song. The lyrics focus on the joy of living in the moment, of how a life requires one to “seize the moment” and the joy it brings. Best of all is how all of this comes together in such an immersive way.

Not a moment is wasted in getting the party started. The sample rings out loud and true. Everything comes out strong. Vocals are neatly layered, one on time of each other giving the song a celebratory spirit. Highly nimble, the delivery is impeccable with the way the words are woven together to sculpt a vast tapestry of sound. Quite enjoyable the way the piece unfolds has a sense of optimism that drives the sound forward. Impeccably delivered the way the song offers a small snapshot of the world, of a life lived most fully, feels real. Over the course of the piece the song takes a low-slung tempo and makes it feel akin to driving on a late Saturday night looking for a party.

Quite welcoming in its temperament IgnoVa sculpts a casual cool sound with the effortlessly airy sound of “Right Now”.

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