Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gojko - Luxury [Single]

Gojko grew up in Eastern Europe, in a small war torn town stricken
by adverse poverty in south Serbia.
As a young child of 7, because he showed an interest, he started
dancing and singing in a local group.
From an early age, something that set Gojko apart from others was
his strong opinion about everything: Politics, Economy, Celebrities,
etc. His quick wit and musical talent lead him to perform with
members of a young musical completion group, which in turn lead to
advancing to the “Junior Eurovision song contest”. His opinionated
and outgoing personality afforded him many opportunities for
interviews representing the group.
At the age of 17 Gojko moved to Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.
There, he started going to an elite singing school where he was
trained in an operatic way of singing called Bel Canto.
Because of the severe poverty, not being understood, a strong will
to do something bigger with his life, and with much difficulty, he
move to the USA , where he lives today.
In the USA with his love of song and dance, he was able to volunteer ,
teaching kids how to sing and dance. This prompted him to cultivate
his creative side. At the advice of a counselor, he began perusing
a career in entertainment, starting with modeling and then singing.
Gojko’s first song, LUXURY, was done by Grammy nominated
producer Rey Reel. The lyrics were by Krysta Youngs , a lady that
has written for many big names in the music industry. The vocal
production was handled by Bert Elliot (producer to OneRepublic
and Ryan Tedder. Bert Elliot is a producer and co-writer with the
likes of David Quinones of The Writing Camp (Beyonce, The
Pussycat Dolls), Keith Harris (Nicki Minaj, Madonna), and Brent
Kutzle (David Guetta) .)
Gojko is someone who understands the entertainment business.
It’s quite remarkable that as a new model, Gojko managed to
publish his work and to be seen in magazines and news papers
in : USA, Cayman Islands, Nigeria, Serbia , Montenegro, Bosnia...
and many others.
Gojko is one to watch! He is someone who survived wars,
bombings, sanctions, devestating poverty, adversities, yet came to
united states with one suitcase, and is now working with big names
in the music industry, making amazing music.


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