Monday, November 28, 2016

Noemi Smorra - This Song - Official Video

The beautiful and talented Noemi Smorra has recently released a video for her song titled "This Song". Yes, the song is called "This Song" and it is nothing short of a masterpiece from start to finish. "This Song" is part of the EP "Trasparente" available here:

Noemi was born in 1983 to Mario Smorra, a musician from Naples and, Simonetta Palange, with dutch and Tunisian origins. She practiced sport up to 18, being a sprinter. At the age of twenty she debuted as a singer with the participation in Domenica In, an Italian TV program. Simultaneously, she entered the National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio d'Amico", where she studied acting. This course of study has allowed her to be chosen as co-star of the musical comedy "Give me three Caravelle”, played at the Teatro Sistina of Rome with the famous Italian actor Alessandro Preziosi. This experience was followed by participation in some television dramas. Noemi took part in two plays directed by Ilenia Costanza “Legittima Difesa Dossier” and “Amaranto - inatteso sorprendente Amore”.

The crossroads between acting and singing took place in 2008 with the musical "The Divine Comedy Opera" where she played Pia de' Tolomei. Two years later Michele Guardì wanted her for the role of Lucia Mondella in the stellar cast of his "The Betrothed - Opera Moderna "which debuted at the Milan San Siro Stadium.

If you enjoy music that touches your soul, then you will want to add Noemi Smorra to your next playlist. Be Sure to follow her at the links below:

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