Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. Smith - Warning Label (Acoustic) [Official Video]

Nowhere on this planet will you find another artist quite like MR. SMITH!

For lovers of music, the ongoing question continues to be “will real music ever return?” Real music with real lyrics from real vocalists that easily counter the advent of today’s microwaved industry talent. Insert: Mr. Smith; The independent antidote to the manufactured pop star, with a story you won’t want to miss.
No stranger to the scene, Mr. Smith has secretly written for years alongside some of the industry’s most noted creatives. From Toni to Tamar [Braxton] to Kandi [Burruss] & TLC’s T-Boz! Mr. Smith’s road to solo artistry has been paved with years of admirably boastful work as a songwriter, background vocalist (India Arie) and vocal producer. While a student at Morehouse College, Mr. Smith began his career in Atlanta with initial guidance from Dallas Austin and eventually signed his first publishing deal with Hiram Hicks.

He’s been managed by Usher’s Mom-ager Jonetta Patton & has long standing friendships with entertainment industry impresarios like Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and R&B Diva/702 Singer “Meelah”. Throw in a Law Degree from George Washington University (yes, he’s also a lawyer) and you have a uniquely experienced, multi-faceted artist finally ready to step forward.

His debut single, cautiously titled “Warning Label” is an immediate pop smash that easily aligns itself with Adele’s “Hello”. Warning Label’s melodic choices, overall tonality and lyrical content are undeniable and, sonically infectious! Mr. Smith’s ultra-clear tone sits royally atop the track, as a funky electric guitar unapologetically invites us into the record’s vulnerability and brazen honesty. “It would be easier if everybody came, with a warning label,” the chorus confesses. A statement deeply universal in it’s truth, relatable to anyone who’s gone through the regrettable act of giving their love away to someone undeserving. “Sometimes I wish that I, could just go back and read a warning label,” he broods, instantly inciting a clear scenario of the ideal in that possibility. Lyrics and music that transport you mentally, that make you think, that make you feel. This ladies and gentlemen is the Mr. Smith effect and he’s only just begun, so please stay tuned, you’ve officially been warned.





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