Monday, January 30, 2017

WAWA – Deaf: So What?!

WAWA delivers inspirational positive vibes with the defiant sound of “Deaf: So What?!”. Downright perfect, WAWA’s flow is impeccable with every song focusing on rising above finding true purpose. Rhythms are infectious to their core, nicely merging together elements of dance, hip-hop, and pop into a lovely whole. By far the highlight of the sound are the highly articulate, thoughtful lyrics that focus on community, togetherness, and perseverance over all obstacles. Nicely joined with light and airy arrangements the songs linger in the mind long after they are over. Throughout the album the songs build off each other, revealing an intricate narrative that ties everything together.

No time is wasted in starting the album off right with “Bounce with Me (DJ Nicar Remix)”. A lovely neon-hued melody anchors the song as the sound moves forward with joy. Much more stripped down in nature is the R&B influenced “Dopey Luv feat. Jake Sinatra”. Nimble in tone is the delicate work of “We No Hear feat. Sho’ Roc” whose vocals are reassuring in tone. Compassion and care pours out of the summery style of “Lovin’ Loving U feat. Sho’ Roc”. Much more intense is the heavy bass rumbles of “Speech Therapy”. Rather light and limber is the playful delivery of “Vendetta feat. DJ Nicar”. Easily the highlight of the album the way the song unfolds is beautiful, with a timeless message for the downtrodden. Giddiness prevails over the soothing “Kiss Me in New York” whose electro-pop leanings are pitch-perfect. Ending the album on a high note is the powerful “Plantation”.

On “Deaf: So What?!” WAWA delivers a message of hope.


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