Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rich Rose: Bringing Hiphop Back

rich roze22

"Rich Roze is an upcoming artist & songwriter from a city on the west coast of Florida called "Seminole." He was born in Queens, New York but raised mainly in Florida. Rich delivers deep, heart-felt & cold lyrics on top of the instrumentals he chooses to record on. His love for music is ever lasting & nothing makes him more happier than when he connects and engages with an audience. Some of the successful artists that he has found as inspiration are Tupac, Eminem, Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy. He is ready to navigate the ever changing music business and achieve all goals and conquer all obstacles in his path as an artist & a song-writer."

With an impeccable forceful flow, Rich Roze’s vocal delivery feels completely on point. Articulate lyrics punctuate the pieces as Rich Roze proves to be a deft storyteller. By letting the narratives unfold ever so effortlessly Rich Roze explores mood and texture. Easily the heart of each piece is Rich Roze’s energetic, commanding vocal performance. The attention to detail is impeccable as he incorporates elements of chopped n’ screwed style alongside a plethora of tortured samples.

Offering a duality of sorts is the nimble rhythms of “Faded/After Earth Dual Mix” (Prod. By Ceasar Beats)”. Everything simply comes together brilliantly from the threatening swirling sound in the beginning, of the gigantic beats to the bass rumbles. For the latter half of the song Rich Roze lets the stripped down electro sound serve him well as he rides the beat with the greatest of ease. Slowing things down to a degree is the eerie “Stack It High (Prod. By Ceasar Beats)”. With this track Ceasar Beats lets the beat mesh perfectly with Rich Roze’s delivery. A cinematic, sweeping sound defines the triumphant “Chase The Light”. Here Rich Roze rises above, resulting in a feeling of accomplishment after overcoming setbacks. By far the most memorable piece is the confrontational “I’m Coming”. Lingering in the mind long after it’s over the piece positively oozes with a sense of true satisfying dread.

Rich Roze taps into a sense of defiance, with lyrics that present great confidence and flow that is so smooth.

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