Friday, July 29, 2016

Did you hear the latest album by Zoned & Jay Live?


Jersey rappers Zoned & Jay Live have just put out their new EP "This Side Up" on soundcloud. This Side Up features excellent rappin' on some real hard hitting beats all of which are produced by Zoned. With just 4 tracks, this short, simple, and entertaining EP will keep you replaying it over and over.

Zoned & Jay Live have created a compelling, deep, dark swirl of sound on the future classic “This Side Up” EP. Heavy, hard-hitting beats and astonishing low-end bass rumbles keep the entire collection nicely anchored. Their flow could not be better as it creates a deeply compelling narrative, with each song offering a slightly different snapshot of a life. Woven together the songs play off of each other. Best taken in as a whole these are songs that virtually demand to be played as loud as possible. Volume is a must for their attention to detail is undeniable as is their inherent catchiness.

zonedStarting things up with a tense glistening melody is “No Lie”. Attention to the song’s gradual evolution the groove feels unstoppable in its constant inclusion of an ever greater plethora of sounds. On “BCS” Zoned & Jay Live keep things to the true to the essentials, as the rolling beat works wonders as the whole approach feels quite tasteful. Anxiety reigns over the eerie “Overtime”. Punctuated by synthesizer stabs the song has a sense of confidence. This is further emphasized by the impressive rapping which makes it the collection’s true highlight. Ending things on a high note is the luxurious “Mad Men”. Nicely sampling the “Mad Men” intro the piece explores the concern that comes with true success, of how success can create a tragedy of sorts.

“This Side Up” presents an ornate universe courtesy of a psychedelic approach to sampling and thoughtful tight flows.

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