Thursday, February 11, 2016

Young Lye - **WHIP IT** {Rap}


This Hot track ''Whip It'' is my newest Big Hit for this year and i know y'all gonna be feeling this vibes too.
''Back with another heat rock, Check out the latest music release from up and coming Artist Young Lye "Whip It". Young Lye let's the world know what you get for acting up. Take a walk through the neighborhood with Lye'' voice THE HYPE MAGAZINE…unglye-whip-it/

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TRENDLASER - Some Say Love Is... [Alternative Rock]


User's Guide to Oblivion worldwide release date February 12, 2016. CD available at (Album [digital] available NOW at )

Leninaz - Refresh [Indie]


This is the first demo of my upcoming 5-track EP. I played all the guitars and bass with a D.I (Radial). Plugins used: Guitar Rig and VST Amp Rack (Cubase). I used drum loops.
Everything was recorded in my home studio. I sang all the vocals myself.

Carnival Of Thieves - On The Run (2014) [Rock]


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Interview with Whitney Vandell of One Girl Symphony

This week we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Whitney Vandell, a young musical prodigy from Ethiopia, who was adopted at the age of two by an American missionary and music teacher. After pushing the limits of home recording as far as she could, Whitney reached out to the violinist William Stewart on an Internet forum to help her complete her Symphony. The result after a year of bouncing tracks between each other is a collection of tracks that defy categorization into any genre or performance style while seamlessly blending everything from classical, rock, hip-hop, and the blues to folk music.